‘If Only I’d Known That’ booklet

booklet cover
Susan Hartnell-Beavis has written a booklet that offers helpful and practical insights for those caring for loved ones in Somerset. It has proven so popular with Carers that the League of Friends of South Petherton Hospital were delighted to fund the re-printing of the booklet when the first edition ran out.

The ‘If Only I’d Known That’ booklet is given to patients and their families when leaving hospital. The contents are written in an extremely kind and informative way, by a lady who, unexpectedly, became a carer for her beloved husband.

“I can identify, exactly, the time when I became a Carer, not instead of, but as well as, a loving wife. It wasn’t on the morning after my husband’s first stroke, when I realised that life was never going to be the same again – nor the way we had already planned to change it….It was eight years down the line and the changes had been so subtle…I realised that things were in a mess and I needed help.”

At the start of the booklet, Susan writes, ‘If only I’d known that is probably the saddest, but most frequently heard, cry from Carers.’ This booklet is a tremendous resource created by one lady, in the effort to help Carers – and the people they care for – lead happier and more fulfilling lives.