A very happy radiographer, thanks to your donations

The Simple Up step installed and ready to use!

The Simple Up step installed and immediately in use!

How do you take a good x-ray of a patient with balance or mobility issues when they need support standing up, you have to operate the x-ray machine and the step they are standing on is small and unstable?  The League of Friends’ latest purchase is the solution!

Thanks to your donations, the x-ray department now has a “Simple Up” step – a sturdy, adjustable platform with supporting bars and remote control.    The Simple Up has a smooth up and down movement and supports patients safely, leaving the radiographer free to take the x-ray without having to worry about the patient falling.  It also enables the radiographer to work comfortably and safely, reducing the possibility of back and other problems.

The Simple Up step arrived last week and was immediately put into use by Abbey, a delighted radiographer.