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A thank you to the League

We recently received this lovely message in appreciation of the Simple Step up that we funded and was featured in our last article:

Dear South Petherton League of Friends,
I am writing to convey our gratitude for the gift of the Simple Up. I cannot express how fantastic this device is, and it has already revolutionised our working practice.
I am confident that this essential piece of kit will be of immense value to our radiography staff and their patients. Indeed as soon as it was delivered I used it for a patient, who rather enjoyed the experience!
With the NHS in such difficult financial circumstances, your generous donation is made even more significant, the simple up will enable us to carry out more x-ray examinations then before, I no longer have to turn patients away who would have been unsafe on the previous step ladder.
It really is an excellent addition to our lovely X-Ray room, and again on behalf of my colleagues, I would like to thank you so very much,
Kind regards,
Abi Irish,
Senior Radiographer

Thank you Abi for confirming the value of this equipment, and thank you to the members of the League whose donations make such gifts possible!

‘See Bike See Life’ Team Cross the Finish Line!


The See Bike See Life team meet the Southmead medics at the end of the challenge.

On Saturday 24 September, the amazing ‘See Bike See Life’ team achieved their goal of fundraising for three organisations that have been instrumental in the ongoing recovery of Ashton, a local Somerset teenager, after he suffered a severe motorbike accident near Yeovilton early in 2016. Continue reading

Annual Harvest Fete Triumph!

crowds outside hospital

The South Petherton Community Hospital’s successful Harvest Fete 2016 attracted a wealth of visitors, exhibitors, performers and patients. It was a great outcome for all the hard work that went into organising the event, with the League of Friends’ and Matron’s secretary, Shirley Zaple, leading the team’s stellar efforts. Continue reading

‘See Bike See Life’: Latest Fundraising News

See Bike See Life Team photo

‘See Bike See Life’ team: Ashley, Keef, Martin, Grant, Mark, Jim, Brian, Al, Reece, Katherine, Charlie, Ashley and Lee.

The League of Friends is benefitting from a fantastic charity fundraising event, ‘See Bike See Life’. On 23-24 September 2016 a dedicated team will carry a mangled motorbike for 49 miles – from Yeovilton in Somerset to Southmead in Bristol –  to highlight road safety issues as well as fundraise for those organisations who helped 18-year-old Ashley to recover from his life-threatening motorcycle accident. Continue reading

New physical model of a human spine

The League of Friends was approached by the physiotherapy team at South Petherton Community Hospital to fund the purchase of a new life-size physical model of a human spine. We were happy to do so as the model is an effective tool for helping patients understand their back-related conditions.

Physio holding model of spine Continue reading